Artist's Statement, Myths & Stereotypes Reinvented

I validate my existence and process experiences by creating art. There is something profoundly satisfying about making something than can be seen and touched which also has the potential to communicate thought and emotion. Everything I do derives from the human figure; it is both a focusing anchor and a spring board for ideas. Pure abstraction feels like an overwhelming mass of possibilities and apples and flowers do not weep or laugh. They don’t move of their own volition, either.

My latest work either satirizes stereotypes or reinvents them to the point where they stop being stereotypes. I have also at least partly set aside the tradition of fitting the subject matter inside the rectangular confines of a canvas, choosing instead to laser cut human silhouettes from wood and paint it them with acrylics. Perhaps a metaphor for confronting the world on one’s own terms rather than trying to fit into a “box”?



Artist's Statements
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